KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified Rules governing imports and exports at border Customs station.

Accordingly, on arrival of the import goods into Pakistan, the gate-in officer shall obtain the documents relating to cargo and conveyance from the person-in-charge of the conveyance and enter the data of the vehicle number, bilty number, name and address of the importer against the system generated conveyance intimation report (CIR) number.

After the completion of the gate-in event, the cargo information shall be electronically filed by the person-in-charge of the conveyance or his authorized agent: Provided that in case the manifest is delivered manually, the manifest officer shall enter its data into the Customs Computerized System.

The cross border officer shall record confirmation of export in the Customs Computerized System, after physically verifying export cargo at the exit gate, before permitting the conveyance to leave.

However, in case any Land Customs Station does not possess complete infrastructure, facilities or any required components for implementing all provisions relating to Customs Computerized System, the Collector may order such modification in any provision as may be deemed necessary, till such time all required facilities and components become available.