KARACHI: The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation – Customs has lodged an FIR against an importer, clearing agent and customs examiner for attempting to evade duty/taxes to the tune of Rs1.6 million through multiple mis-declarations.

According to details of the case, information was received from Director Yaqoob Mako regarding huge evasion of duty and taxes through mis-declaration by M/s Anum Traders Hyderabad in the import of miscellaneous items.

The subject GD was cleared by MCC Port Qasim, however it was already blocked in the system at gate out stage.

The subsequent examination of the consignment was conducted in the supervision of Deputy Director Amjad Rajpar by SPS Ilyas, which found that it contained copper bus bar, which was undeclared, 5.0 tons of networking cable as against declared 2.3 tons; 4-wheel ATV beach buggy bikes (19 pieces), which were declared and endorsed by examiner as 49cc instead of actual 99cc; a micro computer photo electric error controller (undeclared) and 6.0 tons weight of motor cycle chain sprocket, which was reported as 1.2 weight of tons.

The subject consignment was seized and as per the directives of DG I&I Lutfullah Virk, FIR was lodged booking Syed Khurram Ahmed of M/s Anum Traders, Muhammad Intizar of M/s Hasnain Sons clearing agent and Amir Shuja examiner at MCC Port Qasim.