KARACHI: The Directorate of Reforms and Automation – Customs has inserted an additional text box in WeBOC software, which enables importers and customs agents to enter invoice value of the items imported along with the declared value.

The Directorate has implemented Change Request Form (CRF) 297 in the system with effect from September 02, 2015.

An official said that they had received requests from the importers and customs agents that the system allowed them to enter only one value and they were confused whether to enter Customs values as per the concerned Valuation Ruling or the invoice value. With the changes, this confusion would be eliminated and hence traders would be facilitated.

According to the changes in WeBOC software, an additional text box has been given to importer/custom agent to declare the invoice value for an item in addition to declared custom value.

It may be mentioned here that system shall not allow user to enter declared unit value of an item lower than the entered invoice value. The system shall calculate duties and taxes on the basis of declared unit value (self assessed).

Moreover, declared invoice value of an item shall be visible in GD print in the column of declared value so that importer may not face any problem if he submits the GD to any other organization like banks etc. However, assessed value shall also be visible on GD print.