KARACHI: The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has determined the customs values of ginger and garlic vide Valuation Ruling No.754/2015.

References were received from different importers and stakeholders regarding under invoicing and variation in the declaration of value of ginger and garlic.

With a view to reflect the current prices prevailing in the international market, an exercise to determine the values of subject goods was undertaken.

Accordingly, fresh ginger under PCT 0910.1100 imported from China would be assessed to duty and taxes at $0.80 per kg, values of fresh ginger imported from Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar are determined at $0.75 per kg and Indian origin ginger importer from land route would be determined at $0.7 per kg.

Dry ginger under PCT 0910.1100 and 0910.1200 of China origin would be assessed to duty and taxes at $2.0 per kg; and dry ginger imported from Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Myanmar and India would be assessed at $1.90 per kg.

Customs values of Garlic under PCT 0703.2000 of China origin are fixed at $0.80 per kg while garlic imported from Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and India via land route would be assessed at $0.75 per kg.