KARACHI: Collector MCC Appraisement East Majid Yousafani has notified redistribution of work among Principal Appraisers.

According to details, Sajid Ali Bhutto has been assigned to Group-I & FTA; Mir Mansur to Group-II and DTRE; Javed Akhtar to Group-III, Law Section and Classification Committee; Imam Bux Baloch to Group-IV and Warehousing; Mehtab Ahmed to Group-IV and Pre-refund Audit and MCD; Agha Mohammad Aslam to Group-V, FTO & Adjudication; Sikandar Ali Junejo to Group-V & Laboratory; Shafiullah to Group-VI & Recovery; Mohammad Anjum Barakzaito Group VII, Mohammad Ibrahim R&D Section & Audit; Ms Razia Sultana Bhutto to One Customs except vehicles of Chapter 87.