KARACHI: The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation has booked several persons for being involved in the unauthorized and illegal removal of imported cargo without filing of Goods Declaration and payment of leviable duty and taxes.

According to the details, M/s H.M Ismail & Company filed Goods Declaration KAPW HC-12959 through clearing agent M/s Wahsco Enterprises for the clearance of consignment declared to contain scrap. After due process, the authorities, consignment was out of charged and gate pass was issued and three containers were gate out.

Investigations revealed that M/s Wahsco Enterprises on the basis of above referred gate pass, took the delivery of two containers HMCU-9057434 and HMCU-9154666 belonging to their own GD and also got delivery of container EGSU-9063979 instead of delivery of their third container TCLU-8863979.

Container EGSU was imported from Barcelona by M/s Dependable Industry for which no GD has been filed.

It was further known that imported cargo from the above mentioned three containers were unstuffed at Malik Fayyaz Godownin SITE Karachi.

Staff of Directorate visited the godown and unstuffed goods reportedly belonging to M/s Dependable Industry was detained.

Importer and clearing agent instead of identifying the omission to concerned authorities got re-entered the said empty container of other importer i.e. M/s Dependable Industry in the yard of M/s Friends Corporation to manage clearance of the same from Customs by stuffing some sort of scrap in it.

Moreover, M/s Wahsco Enterprises illegally got delivery of their third container TCLU in connivance with Mohammad Kaleem Vohra of M/s Friends Corporation through an altered gate pass by KPT Authorities. Delivery of TCLU was allowed by Preventive Officer Shahid Sohail without entering the same in computer system or manual register.

An FIR has been lodged and efforts are underway to apprehend the accused persons.