KARACHI: Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR, Anti-Smuggling (Customs) raided a dumping place of smuggled HSD oil in North Karachi Industrial Area, Karachi and seized 40,000 liters of Irani HSD oil.

According to Asif Marghoob Siddiqui, Director, Customs Intelligence, an information was received that a person named Imtiyaz Khan, is supplying smuggled Iranian origin HSD oil to different parts of Karachi. The presence of godown in the mid of industrial and public area was endangering lives and properties of people working and residing in the adjacent areas.

The Anti-Smuggling Squad of Customs Intelligence raided the area and discovered underground tanks filled with huge quantity of smuggled Iranian origin HSD oil.

Asif Marghoob Siddiqui, Director Customs Intelligence, underscored that the presence of smuggled oil in that area was not less than a volcano which could have erupted any time and led to large scale deaths of residents living nearby.

Customs Intelligence has sealed the illegal dumping place located in the jurisdiction of New Karachi Industrial Police Station. The Customs Authorities have also seized a vehicle bearing Reg No. TKE-788, fitted with clandestine fuel tanks from the spot transporting 6900 liters of smuggled oil.

Accused Rustam Zaman, driver of vehicle has been arrested after lodging an FIR with special court. The Director of Customs Intelligence informed that a few months ago Customs authorities in association with the District Administration demolished over 70 petrol pumps operating without NOC in different parts of the Karachi. Subsequent to that operation, the smugglers have changed their modus operandi. The illegal traffickers transport smuggled HSD oil in lorries and dump it at tanks located inside residential and industrial areas. The present phenomenon is even more fatal and endangers the lives and properties of the local residents.

This is the first detection and interception of a godown storing inflammable HSD oil inside residential and industrial area. The details of the event is being shared with Commissioner Karachi, CCPO Karachi and high ups of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh through formal correspondence for consolidated action against the heinous crime against humanity.

Asif Marghoob Siddiqui, informed that the operation was conducted under the supervision of Nadeem Ahsan, Additional Director, Customs Intelligence Karachi. The Director also appreciated the efforts of Kaleem Ullah, Assistant Director, Raffat Hussain, Superintendent, Haji Aslam, Akmal Hashmi, Munawwar Ali and Saif Hashmi.