KARACHI: The Anti Smuggling Organization (ASO) Hyderabad has seized a large quantity of smuggled Irani diesel and lodged an FIR against staff of Hascol Petroleum Limited and others for aiding and abetting smuggling of this commodity.

According to the details of the case information was received through Additional Collector MCC, Hyderabad Omar Shafique regarding smuggling of Irani diesel.

The modus operandi of the unscrupulous elements is that the oil tankers are loaded with HSD diesel from supply point of an oil marketing company; Hascol Petroleum in the instant case, but the seals issued by the company are not applied there.

The oil tanker than unloads the commodity at some point in Karachi, returns back to Hub Balochistan and loads similar quantity of the smuggled diesel is loaded and then the seal issued by the oil company; Hascol in this case; are applied to cover smuggling of Irani diesel.

Pursuant to information received through Omar Shafique, ASO Hyderabad organized a Custom Party headed by Shafi Jamali, Inspector to foil the attempt of smuggling and deployed a team at By Pass , Hyderabad near P.S. Hatri.

An oil tanker was intercepted. When the driver of the said oil tanker was asked about the loaded goods, he disclosed that 60,000 litres HSD is available in the oil tanker and handed over the documents regarding HSD. He produced Stock Transfer Form issued by M/s Hascol Petroleum Limited, Karachi.

On examination of the said Invoice it was found that 60,000 litres HSD has been loaded for Shikarpur Depot by M/s Hascol Petroleum Limited from Al-Rahim Keamari. The oil tanker was dispatched from supply point on 19.08.2015 at 09.30 P.M. but was intercepted at 11.PM on 20.08.2015 at Bypass Hyderabad after a lapse of more than 24 hours . When the driver was asked about the delay from Kemari to Bypass he could not satisfy the ASO staff.

Furthermore, all Chambers were examined by the team and found all the three chambers sealed with the seals provided by the Hascol Petroleum Limited and duly indicated in the said stock Transfer form. The Customs Team took over the possession of the said oil tanker and brought it to the Custom House, Hyderabad.

Hascol Petroleum was duly informed and requested to provide samples of HSD filled by the company at Al Rahim Keamari. The sealed samples were duly provided. Moreover, samples were drawn from the said tanker. A marked difference between the two in colour and smell was noted.

Moreover the sample obtained from the tanker was also compared with the samples already obtained from the previously seized Iranian Diesel supplies and they almost matched. The driver during initial interrogation revealed that the load being carried in the said tanker was loaded from location in Hub, Balouchistan.

Therefore, 60,000 litres alongwith oil tanker bearing registration No.TLE-414 being used for transportation of smuggled HSD has been seized and FIR has been lodged.