KARACHI: Director Customs Valuation Manzoor Memon has called a meeting of stakeholders to determine the Customs values of second hand clothing under PCT 6309.0000 in the first half of September 2015.

The stakeholders invited to the meeting have been advised to bring all relevant documents, test reports, literature, representative samples and proposed working in support of their contentions.

It may be recalled that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recently notified that that imports of second-hand/used clothing of all origins will pass through WeBOC red channel.

However, in order to avoid choking of terminals, percentage of examination of imported consignments will be done by the clearance collectorates on the basis of selectivity criteria as imports from some origins are considered more risky.

The participants invited to the meeting include Chairman (Valuation Committee) FPCCI, Member (Valuation Committee) KCCI, Presidents Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Other participants include representatives of M/s Bilal Brothers, M/s Eastern Rags, M/s Best Clothing, M/s Z.N. Traders, M/s M. Yousuf & Co, M/s Sherry Traders, M/s J.S. Company, M/s M.Suleman Ellias, M/s Ahram Recycling & Clothing, M/s Maas International, M/s Hamid Associates, M/s Sheikh & Co, M/s Progressive International, M/s Amina Enterprises, M/s Muhammad Ali Enterprises, M/s Bushra International, M/s Heco Tex, M/s Shifa International, M/s A.B. International, M/s G.R. International, M/s Agha Hassan & Company, M/s Matsui Traders, M/s Muzammil Enterprises, M/s Arshad Hussain & Co, M/s M.S. International, M/s Rani Enterprises, M/s Gul Trading Co, M/s Haji Ghousuddin & Company, M/s Global Business International, M/s Aisha Enterprises, M/s M. Aslam Usman and M/s Ali International and others.