KARACHI: As the distribution of assignments was not carried out at MCC Appraisement West, therefore the additional collectors transferred and posted at the Collectorate are sitting idle for the last one month. On the other hand several collectorates and directorates are in need of officers to fill the vacant posts of additional collectors or additional directors.

According to details, Ms. Zeba Bashir Ahmed was transferred at MCC Appraisement West while Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed was posted at the collectorate on his return from management course. Since there are only five postings for additional collectors at MCC Appraisement West, the above mentioned two officers are awaiting assignment of responsibilities.

Moreover, as many as four deputy collectors at the collectorate have also been promoted by the recently held Central Selection Board (CSB), these promotions are likely to be notified on August 19, 2015, which means there will be 11-12 additional collectors against five positions at Appraisement West.

Sources said seven BS-18 officers in the seniority list were not considered for the promotion in BS-19 while around 20 officers have been promoted by CSB and notification in this regard is expect today.

It may be mentioned here that there is no Additional Collector in Directorate of Transit Trade as Javed Chaudry has been promoted and posted as Collector Adjudication.

Yaqoob Mako has become Director Intelligence & Investigation while Irfan Javed will be joining management course, hence there are no additional collectors in MCC Exports Karachi.

Mumtaz Khoso is also joining management course hence the position of additional collector at MCC Exports Port Qasim is getting vacant.

Feroz Alam Junejo is also joining the management course and one position of additional collector in MCC Preventive will be vacant.

Post Clearance Audit (PCA) is also in need of at least two additional directors. Similarly, Saeed Akram has been promoted and become Collector MCC Gwadar and one position of additional collector is vacant at MCC Port Qasim.

It is expected that transfers and postings of Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers ranging Grade-17 to Grade-19 will be notified in mid September 2015.

A delegation of 15 senior PCS officers including Member Customs Nisar Mohammad Khan is in USA on official business and they would return on August 30, 2015.

An official said that Chairman FBR would not shuffle Customs bureaucracy without the consultation and input of Member Customs Nisar Mohammad Khan who is well aware of the skills and competencies of officers.

The FBR in consultation with Member Customs has recently notified transfers and postings of senior Customs officers and sources said competent and honest persons in key positions would improve the image and reputation of the institutions as well as the revenue leakage and corruption would be eliminated.