KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as part of the mission to eliminate corruption in the revenue body has developed a code of conduct. This would discourage officers avoiding management courses vis-à-vis promotion in order to continue reaping unfair benefits of their existing ‘lucrative’ postings.

Sources said the code of conduct has been devised after due deliberations, and would serve a considerable purpose.

In order to be promoted into higher grades, Grade-18 officers go to Mid Carrier Management Course (MCMC), Grade-19 officers go to Senior Management Course (SMC) and Grade-20 officers go to National Management Course (NMC). The Establishment Division nominated officers. It is mandatory for FBR officers of IRS and PCS to go to these courses.

According to the Code of conduct, if any officer avoids the management course this would be considered and inefficiency and the subject officer would be removed from the existing posting.

However, Grade-20 officer of over 58 years of age is exempted from the NMC. But, for officers of less than 58 years of age, it is mandatory to join the management course.

In past, several senior officers avoided the management course and they stuck to their postings for obvious reasons. It is pertinent to mention here that management course is a must requirement for promotion in the higher grade. However, several officers let their promotion go and stayed their existing ‘lucrative’ postings.

FBR has recently notified large scale promotions of Grade-19, Grade-20 and Grade-21 of both Inland evenue Service (IRS) and Pakistan Customs Service.

These officers were to be posted to upgraded offices, but the Board temporarily upgraded their existing postings.

Their postings to upgraded offices are pending, as the nomination list of Establishment Division regarding officers selected for management courses.

It is expected the list nominating officers for management courses would be issued by Establishment Division this week and large-scale transfers and postings in FBR would follow.

It may be recalled that a senior I&I officer has filed a petition against Chairman FBR, Member Customs and DG Intelligence & Investigation.

Sources alleged that the said officer has completed his tenure at his existing position and is due to be nominated for management course for his promotion in the higher grade.

Some quarters are convinced that the above mentioned officer would likely seek stay against his probable movement from his existing post on the basis of the petition mentioned above.