Customs Appellate Tribunal orders Appraisement to seek Kahota Research Laboratory’s assistance

KARACHI: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has advised the Customs Appraisement to forward representative samples of the consignment – imported by M/s Bismillah Industry – to Kahota Research Laboratory to confirm whether the goods were alloy or non-alloy.

According to the details of the case, M/s Bismillah Industry imported Zinc coated coils of alloy steel sheets of secondary quality and sought release thereof under PCT Heading 7225.9900. A show cause notice was issued to them alleging that the goods are non-alloy steel sheets/coils correctly classifiable under PCT Heading 7210.4910 chargeable to higher rate of customs duty.

The imported submitted before the Tribunal the allegation is based upon the report of the laboratory test conducted by M /s Peoples Steel Mills, Karachi. The importer contended that the said mill is their business rival/competitor and therefore it has a legitimate question about the integrity and the fairness of the report.

The importer submitted that representative sample of their consignment may be referred to M/s Kahota Research Laboratory for second opinion / test.

Considering the request as fair and reasonable, the Customs Appellate Tribunal directed Customs Appraisement to forward representative samples of the consignment to Kahota Research Laboratory for second opinion/test as to whether or not the steel sheets/coils consist of alloy or non-alloy steel.


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