KARACHI: There has been a drastic change in the import pattern on Afghan Transit Trade during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015 as imports of several goods almost doubled in the outgoing fiscal year compared with previous fiscal year.

According to official number of Appraisement South available with Customnews.pk, import of woven pile fabric and chenille fabric under Afghan Transit Trade surged 61.9 percent to Rs34.088 billion in FY15 as against Rs21.016 billion in FY14. However, country’s own import of the similar goods stood at Rs185 million in FY15 as against Rs143 million in FY14.

Animal or vegetable fats and oils under ATT during FY15 surged to Rs18.705 billion, up 51 percent from Rs9.989 billion last year. Pakistan import similar goods worth Rs1.56 billion in FY15 as against Rs1.57 billion in FY14.

ATT Imports of woven fabrics of cotton in FY15 stood at Rs14.887 billion as against Rs6.373 billion in FY14; Narrow woven fabric import stood at Rs12.86 billion in FY15 as against Rs6.537 billion in FY14; Palm oil and its fractions worth Rs17.44 billion were imported under ATT as against Rs11.53 billion in FY14.

Similarly, imports of TV Receivers in FY15 under ATT surged to Rs13.56 billion from Rs8.668 billion in FY14; meat, edible offal and poultry imports by Afghan importers during FY15 stood at Rs7.223 billion as against Rs3.765 billion in FY14; Petroleum and mineral oils’ import in FY15 stood at Rs5.919 billion as against Rs3.28 billion in FY14.

Imports under ATT of polymers of vinyl chloride during FY15 stood at Rs2.22 billion compared with Rs918 million in FY14; similarly imports by Afghan traders of several goods including medicaments, margarine, edible mixtures of vegetable and animal fats, plastic sheets, foils and strips, air conditioning machines, and glassware have increased significantly in FY15 as against FY14.