Contravention prepared in US Army cargo pilferage case; focal person, agents authorized by US authorities nominated as accused

KARACHI: The Directorate General of Transit Trade has prepared Contravention Reports registering focal person nominated by US Office of the Defense, Representative Pakistan and others as accused in the case of pilferage and illegal removal of goods from 21 containers of US Army reverse cargo.

The Contravention Reports have been sent to Adjudication authorities for further proceedings, sources told

According to the details of the case, M/s Ghani’s International on behalf of Embassy of United States of America filed a Goods Declaration through WeBOC system at Directorate of Transit Trade Peshawar (Torkham) for a consignment consisting of US Army reverse cargo declared to contain generators with transformers and equipment for transit to Karachi port for export to Dubai.

The invoice/packing list of the consignment clearly declared that the consignment consist of generators classifiable under PCT 8502.1300 whereas the description declared in GD was  generator power with transformers PCT 8501.6490 to hoodwink the Customs authorities.

As per report of the GD the containers were inspected and seal verification was made at Torkham. The carrier of the container from Torkham to Karachi Port was M/s. Port Connection Pvt Customs Bonded Carrier. The Consulate General of United States of America had authorized M/s Multitrans Logistics, M/s. Ghani’s International, Customs Clearing Agency to take delivery, handling and clearance of the consignment.

There was a credible information that goods have been pilfered enroute. Accordingly during perusal and observation of the scanning images and weighment slips of the GDs, it did not appear as per the description declared in the invoice packing list.

Discrepancy was also observed between the scanning images of containers taken at Torkham and Karachi port as well as the weighment done at Torkham and Karachi port.

Therefore, the consignment was examined physically in the presence of representatives of M/s Multitrans International and M/s Peerzada Services International being the authorized representatives of US Consulate General.

During examination shipper and customs seals were found intact. However, the generator sets declared in invoice and packing list were not found in the containers. There was ample evidence that generating sets were removed from the containers. This is an established case of pilferage of goods during transit. The containers and vehicles were seized by the Directorate General Transit Trade.

The bonded carrier and the authorized agents have not fulfilled their responsibilities to transit the cargo safe and sound condition. The authorities established that bonded carrier M/s Port Connection and authorized agents M/s Peerzada Services International, M/s Ghani’s International, M/s Multitrans Logistics and M/s Bilal Associates in active connivance with each other misdeclared and pilfered transit goods causing huge revenue loss to the exchequer amounting to Rs97.188 million and violated various provisions and sections of relevant laws.

The necessary adjudication proceedings are to be initiated against the focal person of US Department of Defense, authorized agents of US Consulate and bonded carrier for necessary penal action.

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