KARACHI: The PCT Committee has noted that hydraulic hand pallet trucks/trolleys are correctly classifiable under PCT heading 8716.8090.

The matter relating to classification of “Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck-Manual” imported by M/s F. M Qureshi & Co was referred by MCC Appraisement Lahore to the Classification Centre for determining its correct classification. In this regard meetings of the Committee were held in the Classification Centre, MCC Appraisement (East), Custom House, Karachi, wherein representative of the importers appeared and presented their point of view.

The representative of the importers have viewed that since ‘hydraulic hand pallet truck – manual’ has structure to store the goods for transportation or in some types, the trailer or truck structure is equipped with lifting/handling equipment, it therefore, falls under PCT Heading 8427.9000 as per Clause (b) of Para 2 of the General Rules For Interpretation (GIR) for Classification.

The importer added that the subject item is regularly cleared under the afore-mentioned PCT from Karachi ports and data in abundance is available in this regard.

The Committee also examined view point of the Collectorate conveyed through their letter which shows that MCC Appraisement, Lahore has classified “hydraulic hand pallet truck – manual’ under PCT Heading 8716.8090 on the basis of Explanatory Notes to HS Code 8716.8090.

The Committee examined the sketches of various models of ‘hydraulic hand pallet truck – manual’ and relevant literature.

After due deliberation, Mohammad Tahir Chairman PCT Committee noted that the goods in question are correctly classifiable under PCT 8716.8090.