KARACHI: The Ministry of Interior has initiated the process of reviewing the names on Exit control list (ECL), which are on the list for last one year and more, an official document revealed.

The Ministry has approached secretaries of all the ministries, provincial home departments as well as Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), General Head Quarters (GHQ), Naval HQ, Air HQ, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and provincial police chiefs and Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) to provide ample legal and rules based justification to continue the placement of names on the list recommended by them.

Ministry advised to furnish the reply within one month otherwise the Ministry would be constrained to review the deletion as per available relevant record. Lists of persons on ECL recommended by the respective departments, institutions and organizations have also been dispatched to the respective departments.

For the purpose of reference, it may be mentioned that over 200 persons are on ECL recommended by the FBR only. Thousands of names will be removed from the exit control list if the departments and agencies concerned fail to justify their placement on the ECL within a month.

According to interior minister, Chaudry Nisar, government was preparing a new policy to regulate and standardize the process of placement of names on the ECL.

Exit from Pakistan (Control) Rules, 2010 provide that federal government can prohibit any person from proceeding from Pakistan to a destination outside Pakistan, if he/she is involved in:

(a) corruption and misuse of power or authority causing loss to the government’s funds or property;

(b) economic crimes where large government’s funds have been embezzled or institutional frauds committed;

(c) acts of terrorism or its conspiracy, heinous crimes and threatening national security;

(d) case of key directors of a firm, in default of tax or liabilities of not less than ten million rupees;

(e) case of two or more key or main directors of a firm. In default of loan or liabilities exceeding one hundred million rupees;

(f) any case and his name forwarded by the registrar of a High Court, Supreme Court of Pakistan or Banking Court only;

(g) drug trafficking.

The persons on ECL on the recommendation of FBR include Mohammad Rafiq Tawakkal, Yousaf Tawakkal and Abdul Qadir Tawakkal of Tawakkal Limited, S.M Maqbool of M/s United Sugar Mills, Muhammad Jamil of M/s Noor Steel, Shaukat hussain of M/s Shoukat Hussain  Company, Ghulam Nabi Bhatti of M/s Khyber Gadoon Enterprises, Saleem Arif Siddiqui of M/s Saadi Cement Ltd, Mohammad Akbar Paracha of M/s Commodity General Trading, Mohammad Yaqoob Seth of M/s Nadia Ghee Mills and M/s Nabi Steel, Zakaria Ghani and Aftab siddiqui of M/s Saif Nadeem Kawasaki Motors, Aftab Ahmed Shaikh of M/s Aftab Pvt Ltd,    Rasheed Ahmed Shaikh of M/s Dazzling Traders, Humayun Mirza of M/s AQI Engg, Abdul Razzak of M/s Lucky energy, Asghar Paracha of M/s Akbar Agencies Ltd, Qurban Khan of M/s Charly Enterprises, Nisar Ahmed of M/s Hyat Industries, Zakaria Ghani of M/s Hattar electronics, Abdul Razzak of M/s M.Y Electronics, Ali Poya Mirza of M/s Harman Pvt Ltd, Ch. Nazir Ahmed of M/s Steel Venture, Asghar Parcha of M/s Commodity Impex, Tahir Javed of M/s Sofia Textiles, Mohammad Suleman, Mohammad Usman Amin, Ch. Mohammad Sadiq and Shaikh Amir, Shahid Iqbal of M/s Arian Logistics, Sikandar Aziz of M/s National Adhesive ape, Khalid Sharif of M/s Khyber Tractors, Mohammad Imran Sulfi of M/s Sulfi ghee Mills, Ch. Shahbazuddin and Ejaz Rasool of M/s Sunrise Textile Mills, Ch. Asif ali Faiz of M/s A.M Exports, Ilyas Ahmed, Mohammad Siddiq and Syed Amir Anees of M/s East West Traders, Riaz Ahmed Shaikh of M/s Pacific International, Zahid hussain, Amjad Kaleem, Syed Mohammad Ahsan Raza Sherazi, Mohammad Sadiq Bhatti, Ch. Sher Mohammad, Abdul Halem Khan, Haroon Rasheed of M/s Charly Enterprises, Noor Mohammad of M/s Mideast Associates, Haroon Rasheed of M/s concord Export, Abdul Wahid Mian of M/s Pasrur Sugar Mills, Ghulam Yasin Khan of M/s Megatone Enterprises, Abdul Shakoor Ismail Kaloodi, Iftikhar Ahmed of M/s Diamond Industries, Mohsin Bashir, Mohammad Nawaz Sahi of M/s Shaikh Nooruddin & Sons, Mohammad Hanif Mian, Javed Iqbal Mirza, Azhar Ahsan ullah Shaikh, Kamran Bari of M/s Sofia Textiles, Majid Yar Khan, Imtiaz Ali of M/s Nawaz Khokhar Textile Industries, Faisal Sherjan of M/s NTM, Latif Hakim of M/s Smart cone, Kashif Hameed, Mohammad Obaid Sachwani, Ikram-ul-Haq, Syed Dawood hussain, Shamim Akhtar, Sajjad Afzal, Sumera Afzal, Mohammad Zubair, Shahbazuddin Chaudry, Khalid Shahbaz Chaudry, Tariq Shahbaz Chaudry, Mrs Sardar Bibi, Mrs Riffat Shahbaz, Mrs Shahida Shahbaz, Zahid Mahmood, Tahir Mahmood, Kashif Bajwa, Mrs Shamshad Akhtar, Umar Ali, Shaikh Mohammad Arshad, Dharam Das Shiwani, Mohammad Hanif Mian, Uzair Zakaria ghani, Gulraiz Ahmed Raza, Zulfiqar Ali Shaikh, Altaf Ali Chandio, Mohammad Akram, Tahir Siddique Javed, Mohammad Adnan Sohail, Tanveer Anjum, Mohammad Riaz Malik, Zahid Nisar and Tehmina Mushtaq of M/s Lakahnid Co, Diplomatic bond, Saeed Zaman of M/s A.U Traders, Abid Sadiq, Amir Sadiq, Mohammad Farooq Sial, Bbar hussain, Faisal Awan Malik, Mohammad Naeem Qureshi, Jamal durrani of M/s N.J International, Ch. Mohammad Saleem, Azhar hussain, Abid Mehmood, Lt. Col Retd Hussain Aftab of M/s Eastern General Insurance, S.M Akram of M/s Dawn corporation, Mohammad Yusuf of M/s hina Garments, Ghulam Ahmed Adam, Imran Mehmood Bhatti, Haji Mohammad Amin, M. Saleem, Mohammad Fazil Khawaja, Rafaquat Ali, Mohammad Rashid, Mohammad Aslam Khan, Saeed-ur-Rehman, Shaukat Pervez, Shahbazul Haq Siddiqui of M/s Shebaz Enterprises, Farooq Sh. Of M/s Sh. Agro Industries, Aftab Ahmed of M/s Fazal corporation, Ali Hasan Moony of M/s 1st Tawwakal Modaraba, Mohammad Aslam of M/s Modern Metalic Services, Mansoor Alam Khan of M/s Khyber Tractors, Gulzar Ahmed of M/s Fazal corporation, Farid Mohammad Paracha of Ghani Textile Mills, Mohammad Ahmed Ibrahim of M/s Zee International, Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Jameel and Saadat Yar Sahibzada of M/s Shehzad Ghee Mills,   Asghar Hussain, Usman Ali Raja, Mohammad Shafiq Khan, Mohammad Shahbaz, Farhan Ibrahim, Shakoor Alam, Naila Jamal of M/s N.J International, Nisar Ahmed, Allah Bux, Faisal Shahzad, Dabab Hussain, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Asim and Mohammad Javed of M/s Sika Paint Industries, Mohammad Sadiq, Suhail Ahmed, Mohamad Saeed, Tasharraf Javed, Mian Khawar Habib, Aamir Javed, Asghar Khan of M/s Smart Zone, Arif sehgal, faisal sharif, muhammad sharif of  m/s oilman (pvt) ltd, muhammad amin, Azhar Majeed Khalid, Ashir Azeem Gil, Muhammad Iqbal Muneeb, abid hussain hakro, anwar, Ikram elahi sufi, m/s kabir aluminum ind (pvt) ltd, Faqir muhammad, m/s faqir muhammad food grain dealer, Muhammad kabir, muhammad nasir, Muhammad idris khokhar, zahid mehmood, muhammad irfan, adil mansoor, iqbal hussain, m/s automotive products (pvt) ltd, Tayab iqbal, ghulam rasool, muhammad munib, rizwan hussain, fareed ahmed, muhammad waseem, usman ghani, munir ahmad, aziz-ur-rehman, faisala hameed, haider ali sheikh, shakeel ahmed sheikh, asif hussain sheikh, imtiaz ajmal, farhan afzal sheikh, shameem haider, muhammad riaz khan, muhammad iqbal, muhammad ayaz khan, m/s shehzad ghee mills (pvt) ltd, Shoukat ali, kashif mehmood, shoukat hussain, adnan zia, rafiullah and muhammad sohail.