KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) denies any connection with Facebook page “FBR Times”.

“This is a page by an unknown private source and has nothing to do with FBR which reserves the right to take legal action in the matter,” a message on FBR website read.

A FBR senior officer said there was no legal action being taken and the Board had only clarified its position that the said page had nothing to do with the Board.

“They are using FBR logo and layout which gives the impression that the page is sanctioned by the board,” the official said.

The official said the Board had no issue with the content of the Facebook page adding the news and information carried by the page were not biased or targeting anyone. Moreover, there was no evidence or instance whatsoever that the page was being used to create any sort of pressure group.

It may be mentioned here that the owner or operator of the said page has not been identified, and it is believed that some serving or former officer of FBR most likely of IRS, is operating the page.

Since, no one has any issue with the contents of the facebook page, if only the FBR logo is removed and the layout is modified, this would end all the controversy.