KARACHI: As the holy month of Ramadan is closing in, there has been a sudden surge in street crime in the Karachi as well as the prices of essential goods have also jacked up.

As the masses are preparing for the holy month and festival of Eid-ul-Fitr afterwards, the criminal elements and hoarders, black marketers patronized by certain quarters have also taken positions to add to the miseries of people.

Even the main arteries are no more safe and criminals are openly depriving people of their belongings without any fear.

The recent rather ongoing Karachi operation supervised by Pakistan Army and Rangers had provided a relief to the masses and there was a significant decline in street crimes as well as targeted killings in the city.

However, as the Ramadan is nearing, street crime has re-emerged fast. It may be mentioned here that street crime always surged in Ramadan particularly a week earlier than Ramadan and in the last ten-days of the holy month where all sort of buying activities are at peak.

Masses are of the opinion that it seems certain quarters including law enforcement agencies give a free hand to the criminal and anti-social elements as part of their Eid campaign.

Moreover, the police has also expedited their usual practice of minting money from commuters particularly bikers.