KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has formed 10 different teams in order to mobilize efforts to meet revenue collection targets in the wake of closing of the financial year on June 30, 2015.

Team comprising Abdul Abdul Qudoos (AC), Sultan Auranzeb (PA) and Qasim Shaikh (AO) have been tasked recovery in FTA related audit Paras, Ather Naveed (Deputy Collector) would look after daily liquidation of auction lots and revenue generated thereof.

Team comprising Falak Shair (DC), Qamarudin Samejo (PA), Shahid Hussain Rizvi (PA) and Maqsood Ahmed (AO) have been tasked liquidation of unclaimed indices.

Iqbal Ahmed memon (DC) and Shahid Hussain Rizvi (PA) would look after Ex-Bond (bulk) while Falak Shair (DC) and Qamaruddin Samejo (PA) would look after Ex-bond (containerized).

Shahid Ali Abbasi (DC) and Saeed Ahmed Somro (AO) would pursue encashment of ripe Bank Guarantee and securities of Group-IV. Shahid Ali Abbasi (DC) and Tariq Aziz (PA) would pursue recovery of held up revenue with nazirs of various courts in sub judice matters. Rehan Akram (AC) and Shahid Hussain Rizvi (PA) would pursue recovery under Section 202 of the Customs Act, 1969. Fazli Shakoor (AC) and Baber Kabir (PA) would pursue encashment of ripe Bank Guarantee and securities of WeBOC and One Customs while Imran Afzal (AC) and Sultan Aurangzeb (PA) would look after early finalization of cases provisionally assessed under Section 81 of customs Act in coordination with the Directorate of Customs Valuation.