KARACHI: The Income Tax Officers (ITOs) promoted to BS-18 earlier and whose promotion in BS-19 is going to be taken up at Department Selection Board (DSB) meeting on June 15, 2015, have defended their position saying that there has been no violation of any quota or any other criteria in their earlier promotions.

one representing above-mentioned officers said no violation of quota was made at the time of their promotion in BS 17 while their service requirement was complete as they had the advantage of their BS-16 service.

Another officer requesting anonymity said the seniority list of IRS was finalized in 2010 when Sales Tax and Income tax were merged, the list attained finality. He said that there were enough seats vacant at the time of their promotion in BS-17 in 2003, hence no violation was committed.

It may be noted that 45 ITOs were promoted in November 2003, January 2004 and April 2004 in BS-17. The same batch of ITOs was promoted in BS-18 on 25-08-2008. Now, these ITOs are going to be promoted in BS-19.