KARACHI: The Directorate General of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) has acquired another 7-day remand of the accused arrested in the case of pilferage off US Army/NATO/ISAF transit cargo. Investigations in coordination with sensitive agencies are progressing fast and astonishing facts are expected to be unearthed going forward.

The Directorate General of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) had arrested drivers of 11 vehicles on which the containers were loaded along with two other persons including Sohail of Bilal Associates and Tika Khan, a broker of vehicles.

Investigations revealed that six of them are Afghan nationals while the vehicles they were driving were also registered in Afghanistan. These vehicles were plying in Pakistan on fake number plates. Further confirmations in these regard are being made.

The authorities have already traced the locations where the pilfered goods were kept and raids to recover the booty are about to start, sources said. It was known that the goods have been kept at various locations in the country. Sources said that several sensitive agencies are coordinating with ATT in the ongoing investigations.

Sources said that different goods including hazmat waste and explosive chemicals have also been pilfered off the reverse cargo.

Sources said the ATT team comprising Director General Khawar Fareed Manika and Director Wajid and Deputy Director Shoib Raza has made remarkable progress and have identified the locations where the pilfered goods are kept.

DG Transit Trade Khawar Fareed Manika and Director Wajid Ali have advised the investigation team led by Deputy Director Shoib Raza to swiftly complete the investigations and bring the actual culprits to book.

Sources said that several anti-Pakistan and anti-social forces have been hatching conspiracies since long to destabilize the country’s economy and create a continuous chaos like situation in Pakistan. However, the highly professional defense forces and allied agencies have foiled all their attempts.

It may be recalled that a large-scale operation clean-up in underway against anti-state and anti-social elements in the country, particularly in the cosmopolitan city and business hub, Karachi.

The efforts of armed forces and law enforcement agencies in this regard are highly commendable. The masses in general have also acknowledged improved law and order situation in Karachi as street crimes have been reduced, organized crime is eliminated to some extent while targeted killings and kidnapping for ransom have also been controlled.

However, masses are of the view that armed forces as well as law enforcement agencies should also look into white collar crimes, which have become a nuisance for the citizens of the country and bring a bad name for the country in the international community.

The authorities should also focus on water-tanker and water hydrant mafia, transport mafia, encroachment mafia as well as corrupt officers/officials to provide further relief to the masses who have always supported and appreciated the armed forces.