KARACHI: Due to budget announcement on June 05, 2015, restrictions on the access of servers, information system running at FBR (HQ) will come in force from 1600 hours on June 03 till the end of budget speech.

Message and Engagement features will be disabled and would not be accessible for the internal users of FBR House. Users located in the FBR house premises would only be limited in routing/marking their correspondence in the wings located within FBR House premises.

No one within FBR (HQ) will be allowed to mark/route and file/document to FBR wings/offices outside FBR (IIQ) premises. However, external users such as RT0s/LTUs/ MCCs would be able to mark their correspondence to the internal users/wings of FBR.

All training versions of the e-dox system would be inaccessible during the budget days. Help desk for e-Dox will be closed. Access to the system for correction of disposition lists, online application of leave and other facilities will be completely banned for filed formations. Help desk for HRIS will be closed.

FBR portal/Server will remain accessible for authorized users outside FBR (HQ) premises but no one within FBR (HQ) will be allowed to access e-FBR portal during Budget Exercise.

STARR & SALES TAX Systems / Server will remain inaccessible for FBR (HQ) users, however, authorized users/outside FBR (HQ) premises will be allowed to access the system/Server. While the local networks of PRAL (HQ)/CDA Block 2 offices and FBR (HQ) will remain operational individually, transfer of any files/documents from FBR (HQ) network to PRAL (HQ)/CDA Block 2 offices network and voice versa will be banned.

Internet services in FBR (HQ) will remain unavailable in FBR (HQ) will remain unavailable in FBR (HQ) till conclusion of Budget Speech by the Finance Minister.