KARACHI: Several foreign agencies are pro-active pursuing their agenda to destabilize Pakistan and the transit of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo has become their biggest weapon.

Sources said that the US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo is being intentionally pilfered in the country on large scale and it is feared that not only the duty/taxes to the tune of billions of rupees are being evaded, besides several armed groups are being funded and supplied with arms and ammunition in the garb of pilferage.

Sources said that a warehouse named Usmani yard near Karzai checkpost  in Afghanistan is the operational headquarter of allied foreign agencies headed by RAW. All the conspiracies are controlled from that warehouse. It may be mentioned here that the cargo lifted from US Army bases in Afghanistan is dumped at the said warehouse for months and afterwards dollars and explosive chemicals are moved from here in containers, which are pilfered en-route to the destined recipients.

It was known that drivers from Pakistan are prohibited to enter at these warehouses. Vehicles are parked at their warehouses for months.

The Directorate General of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) is investigating the pilferage of US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo and several sensitive agencies are coordinating with the DG ATT.

The investigations into the pilferage of US Army/Nato/ISAF cargo in Pakistan have unveiled astonishing as well as alarming aspects, which make it even a sensitive case.

The Directorate General of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) had arrested drivers of 11 vehicles, on which the containers were loaded. Investigations have revealed that six of them are Afghan nationals while the vehicles they were driving were also registered in Afghanistan. These vehicles were plying in Pakistan on fake number plates. ATT has acquired another remand of these drivers. Further confirmations in these regard are being made.

It was known that vehicles are registered in Pakistan and the documents are sent to Afghanistan. Then the Afghan vehicles are fixed with fake number plants as per the received documents and moved into Pakistan.

Sources said that none of the documents, engine numbers or chassis numbers are checked at the Torkham border.

Sources said that authorities have found evidence enough to believe that a significant quantity of ‘black dollars’ was also leaked into the country.

Black dollars are dyed black to avoid Customs detection and pilferage in wrong hands. These black papers are through a chemical process are turned back to normal.

Sources said that a hypothesis has been set that different militant and armed groups are being funded through these black dollars. The currency is pilfered off transit cargo and then it reached into the hands of such groups, who already are in possession of the required chemical to clean these black papers.

Sources said intelligence and investigation agencies are also looking this direction that armed groups in FATA and Balochistan are funded through reverse cargo of US Army and NATO/ISAF.

This is a very organized crime and several quarters are involved in this. It is interesting to note that despite concrete evidence of pilferage, none of the US Army or other countries have reported about any pilferage.

Sources said that the terrorism in the country including killings in the name of sects and bomb attacks on mosques and cricket stadium are actually carried out by mercenaries. It is suspected that such groups are being funded in the manner mentioned above.

There is a huge flaw in the system that US Army/NATO/ISAF cargo is not examined and as they use high-cube containers which cannot be scanned through the available technology.

It may be recalled that Indian Defense Advisor has openly said that they are pursuing the ‘offensive defense’ by exploiting the vulnerabilities on Pakistani politics, internal security and economic system, which means economic as well as social terrorism in Pakistan is patronized and funded by India.