KARACHI: Director Customs Valuation, Abdul Rashid Sheikh has determined the custom values of used photocopier machine vide valuation Ruling No.733/2015.

According to details, DG of Customs Valuation had received prior information that used photocopier machines are being imported at mis-declared values which is causing an exorbitant loss to the Government.

It is important to mention that authorized distributors of prominent brands exaggerated their voice that few deceitful elements are dead busy in devastating the business through misappropriation of invoice.

Moreover, during meetings held with the stakeholders, the participants depicted that old and used photocopier machines are examined by the Clearance Collectorates on basis of physical condition and such machines are not in a position to be sold in the local market directly, as they need complete renovation and replacement that are pre-requisite for selling.

Customs value for used photocopier under PCT Code 8443.3100.1000 and 8443.3910.1000 determined @ $ 1.30 per kg.

DG of Customs valuation directed the assessing officers that in case of consignment imported by air, the officer must take into account the differential between air and sea freight at the time of applying customs value.

Later, Director Customs Valuation directed the Collector of Customs that the values given in the said ruling regarding the description of goods should be applied without any fail and flaw.