KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has served a Show Cause Notice on M/s Xing Enterprises, a toys importer based in Punjab, for attempting to evade duty and taxes through mis-declaration on a certain consignments.

A three-member team comprising Deputy Collectors Athar Naveed and Falik Sher and Principal Appraiser Tariq Aziz started scrutinizing the data pertaining to the past imports of said importer. There are reports that certain unscrupulous elements involved in importing toys through mis-declaration and inflicting huge losses to the national exchequer.

Sources said that it has been reported that this practice was on since long and the investigations would brought forward interesting facts in this regard. However, the elements involved in duty/tax evasion through various means have mobilized their connections to exert pressure on the authorities so that proceedings in the case could be halted.

Moreover, these elements also mobilized yellow journalists on their payroll to shield their wrongdoings, even the character assassination of reputed Customs officers was carried on.

According to the details of the case, M/s Xing Enterprises imported a consignment said to contain Swing Twister and Kick Scooty and filed home consumption GD sought clearance thereof. The GD was selected by the system for examination, which found the items to be Ride on Manual Car falling under PCT 9503.0010 attracting CD 20%, Sales Tax 17%, Additional Sales Tax 3% and Income Tax 6% as against declared Swing Twister under PCT 9508.9000 attracting CD 5%, Sales Tax 17%, Additional Sales Tax 3% and Income Tax 6%. The other item Kick Scooty falls under pct 9503.0010 attracts CD 20%, Sales Tax 17%, Additional Sales Tax 3% and Income Tax 6% as against declared Kick Scooty declared under pct 9506.9990 attracting CD 5%, Sales Tax 17%, Additional Sales Tax 3% and Income Tax 6%.

The factual position is that importer declared the items under pct heading attracting Customs Duty 5% while actually goods assessable under CD 25% and after allowing FTA benefit the Customs Duty becomes 20% in both items. It is also pertinent to mention here that importer despite mis-declaring the classification he also mis-declared the description of goods.

Had this willful and deliberate offence gone undetected, the undeclared goods have been released in garb of declared value, the Government would have suffered a loss of revenue amounting to Rs 0.324 million.

It was known that four more consignments of the said importers are at the port but no GD has been filed so far seeking the release of these consignments.

Sources said that the officers investigating the case were being targeted, and even character assassination was carried on through yellow journalists against Deputy collector Athar Naveed who is a a very well reputed and honest officer.

Collector Port Qasim Surayya Ahmed Butt and Additional Collector Saeed Akram have advised the team to conduct a transparent investigation in a professional manner and if any irregularities are found, cases should be made without any hesitation.

Sources said that Surayya Butt has strongly condemned the Character assassination of Athar Naveed, and she is likely to send a report to Member Customs highlighting the contribution of the said officer towards the country.

Sources said that senior Customs officers are concerned about the circulation of so called newspapers and magazines in the official jurisdiction, which are only published to harass and blackmail the officers.