KARACHI: The Central Selection Board (CSB) convened again on May 11, 2015 has recommended promotion of two more Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers into Grade-20. Now 20 PCS officers have been recommended for promotion into Grade-20 against 30 vacant positions.

Moreover, Collector Hyderabad Ahmed Mujtuba Memon is also likely to get the CSB nod for promotion in Grade-20 as Chairman FBR, who is the permanent member of CSB, has reportedly written a letter to CSB for including Memon’s name in the list to be sent to Prime minister for approval. Although, he is a well reputed officer but he is said to be a dual nationality holder, that’s why his case was not considered earlier.

The Board held a meeting on Monday to reconsider the cases of officers who missed the CSB recommendation for promotion for certain reasons. Sources said that some were on ex-Pakistan leave, some had not done the required courses and intelligence reports of some officers had not been received.

The Board reconsidered cases of 46 officers of different groups. AS many as five Grade-19 PCS officers were in the list including Faiz Ahmed Chadarh, Zubair Yousafani, Basit Chaudary, Asghar Khan, Ms. Shahnaz Maqbool. However, only Yousafani and Chaudry made it.

Case of Ghulam Fareed Manika also came up but he missed the recommendations. Sources said Manika was the director General of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) and the mega scam regarding pilferage of hazmat waste off NATO/ISAF reverse cargo and shipment of cement blocks to Germany in place of the real goods, was the deterrent. Interestingly, Additional Collector Javed Chaudry of ATT was recommended for promotion in Grade-20.

CSB earlier recommended 18 officers of Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) to be promoted in Grade-20. There were 30 vacancies on Grade-20 against which 18 officers of Grade-19 had been recommended by the CSB for promotion.

These officers include Kamal Azhar Minhas, Mohammad Amir, Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, Saifuddin Junejo, Wajid Ali, Syed Hamid Ali, Zulfikar Yunus, Ms Seema Raza Bukhari, Mohammad Ali Raza Hanjra, Zafar Akhtar, Saeed Khan Jadoon, Ashhad Jawwad, Chaudry Mohammad Javed, Irfan-ur-Rehman Khan, Mohammad Junaid Jalil Khan, Saeed Akram, Mohammad Yakoob Mako and Syed Shakeel Shah.