KARACHI: Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has approved the promotion of Lutfullah Virk in Grade-22. A notification to this effect would come shortly, reliable sources said.

Virk is presently the Director General of Intelligence & Investigation –FBR and he is also the focal person of anti-smuggling organization (ASO) Customs.

The Central Selection Board (CSB) concluded its 2-day sitting on Wednesday recommended promotion of 12 Grade-20 officers into Grade-21.

According to confirmed reports, these PCS officers include Shaukat Ali, Ms Rubina Wasti, Ms Samera Nazir Khan, Junaid Akram, M.s Adeela Rehman, Ms Sarwat Tahira Habib, Mohammad Zahid, Mohammad Javed Ghani, Fazal Yazdani, Abdul Rasheed Shaikh, Saleem Ranjha and Imtiaz Ahmed Khan.

The PCS officers who did not get the Board recommendation for promotion include Ms Riffat A Hasan Abidi, Wahid Khursheed Kunwar, Khawar Fareed Manika, Imran Tariq, Mohammad Ibrahim Vighio, Syed Zulfikar Ali Shah Kazmi, Mohammad Nasir Khan, Khawaja Umar Mehdi and Syed Tanveer Ahmed.

These officers were not recommended for promotion because they did have their NMC, NDC courses; some of these were rejected because of departmental inquiries and negative intelligence reports against them.

There were 30 vacancies in Grade-20, for which 16 officers have been recommended for promotion while 14 vacancies have been held. This is for the first time in the history that vacancies have been held waiting for the officers to meet the criteria i.e. NMC/NDC course.

The officers who were recommended for promotion from Grade-19 into Grade-20 reportedly include Kamal Azhar Minhas, Mohammad Amir, Saifuddin Junejo, Wajid Ali, Syed Hamid Ali, Zulfikar Yunus, Mohammad Ali Raza Hanjra, Saeed Khan Jadoon, Ashhad Jawwad, Misbah Khatana, Chaudry Mohammad Javed, Fayyaz Anwer, Irfan-ur-Rehman Khan, Mohammad Yakoob Mako and Syed Shakeel Shah.

Grade-19 PCS officers who were not recommended include Afaq Ahmed Memon, Pervez Esbhani, Ahmed Mujtaba Memon, Mohammad Iqbal Muneer, Mohammad Iqbal Bhawana, Ashir Azeem Gill, Abdul Basit Chaudry, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, Faiz Ahmed, Gul Rehman, Nasrullah Khan Wazir, Mohammad Shafqat Tareen, Mohammad Zubair Yousafani, Dr. Fareed Iqbal Qureshi, Amir Rasheed Shaikh, Ms. Sameena Tasleem Zohra, Mohammad Asghar Khan, Ms. Rubab Sikandar, Abdul Qadir Memon, Ms. Shahnaz Maqbool, Ahmed Rauf, Ms. Seema Raza Bukhari, Mirza Mubashir Beg, Asif Saeed Khan Lukmani, Mohammad Akram Chaudry, Aftab Ahmed Bhatti, Zafar Akhter, Imran Khan Mohmand, Dr. Akhter hussain, Ms Mehnaz Vhaur, Mohammad Adnan Akram, Mohammad Junaid Jalil Khan, Ms Zeba Bashir Ahmed, Ms Shazia Ikram, Saeed Akram, Ms Saima Shahzad, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khalil Hussain Jamali, Ms Erum M Amir and Feroz Alam Junejo.

It may be mentioned here that some of those who were not recommended for promotion also include officers on ex-Pakistan leave or officers posted abroad.

In Inland Revenue Service (IRS) there were 18 vacancies for Grade-21 against which 16 IRS officers have been recommended for promotion. There were 70 vacancies in Grade-20 against which 35 IRS officers have been recommended for promotion.