KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement West has issued another notice to Mohammad Ali Chandna of M/s Pure Enterprises and Mohammad Dilber Ali Khimji of M/s Rajab Ali & Sons to join the investigation underway pertaining to fraudulent import and clearance of pharmaceutical chemicals, which are otherwise banned to be imported.

According to details, Appraisement West had nominated Chandna in FIRs for the fraudulent import of banned pharmaceutical chemicals.

Later, following an FIR lodged by MCC Appraisement East, Chandna was given into their custody on remand. But, later, he managed to obtain bail on payment of Rs5.0 million against the differential amount of tax/duty.

Sources said that Chandna remained with MCC Appraisement East for 20 days on remand, but the Collectorate high-ups did not let the investigating team of MCC Appraisement West to interrogate the accused.

Chandna was summoned by Appraisement West to join the investigation, but he did not appear before the investigating officer. Now, he has been issued another notice to join the investigation otherwise, action would be taken against him under Pakistan Penal code.

Meanwhile, Appraisement West has already lodged two FIRs against the same accused and has filed an application before the court for the revocation of bail of Mohammad Ali Chandna.

It was known that some 83 containers were cleared from MCC Appraisement East which contained the banned pharmaceutical chemicals including Aspirin, Paracetamol and Cefixime under vague descriptions. This ordeal resulted in a revenue evasion of over Rs1.0 billion.

It is interesting to note that MCC Appraisement East lodged only one FIR regarding import of Paracetamol and Aspirin, mentioning revenue evasion of Rs5.0 million. While another chemical named Cefixime was not mentioned in the FIR. Had the true facts would have been brought before the court, Chandna had not been able to secure the bail on payment of mere Rs5.0 million.

They have been importing pharmaceutical goods including SDO 444, 555 & 777 and mis-declaring their assessable values at $0.5/kg instead of actual value of Cefixime $140/kg, Paracetamol $3/kg and Ciproxin $25/kg.

Sources said that an organized plot was underway to undermine the case and protect the accused through weakening the prosecution. It was known that a principal appraiser and a very senior officer of Appraisement East are trying to protect the accused.

It was reliably learnt that in order to carry on the agenda, MCC Appraisement East will be lodging another FIR pertaining to six containers lying unclaimed at Appraisement East. The said FIR is reportedly being lodged on the complaint of Appraising Officer Ilyas Butt.

These unclaimed containers are likely to be pinned on Chandna, providing him with the opportunity to come up with the excuse that the banned chemicals were imported using his name only.