KARACHI: One Appraising Officer of MCC Appraisement East has made a representation before Chief Collector Customs (south) as well as Collector MCC Appraisement East to take serious notice of illegal activities being carried out at the Collectorate.

According to the details of the case, Dost Mohammad Appraising Officer Group-II was issued an explanation memo as he had sent an SMS to Collector Appraisement East and other officers, that despite his posting in assessment group, he had not been provided a computer to carry on his job.

When Customnews.pk contacted Dost Mohammad, he refused to provide any details. However, a senior officer at the Collectorate confirmed that the said AO had submitted his written reply in response to the explanation memo.

Sources informed that, the reply had questioned the legality of the explanation memo, as it was not issued by the DC Headquarters, as it was only the jurisdiction of DC Headquarters. Moreover, it was contended that sending a text message (SMS) was not a ‘representation’ and was misinterpreted.

Sources said that there were a lot of irregularities and corrupt practices prevailing at the MCC, and Dost Mohammad being an honest and reputed official had time and again brought these practices to light and issuing him an explanation memo for no reason was a discriminatory action.

It was known that the said AO made several reports regarding corrupt and illegal practices being undertaken, but no action was taken because the concerned officers were avoiding the legal course due to the involvement of senior officers who were the beneficiary of corruption.

Sources said that dedicated activities of the said AO, while he was in R&D, benefitting national interest had irked influential senior officers who are beneficiary in the looted revenue. The entire R&D team members were subsequently removed from the R&D Section one-by-one after each detection of specialized cases.

But, instead of taking action against the culprits, concerned officers kept on rolling the files from here to there with no result. Even note sheets of sensitive case files were removed besides removing relevant case files from the record.

It has been known that Collector MCC Appraisement East Manoor Memon is deliberately avoiding making decision on these sensitive cases.

Sources said that R&D team members had ample evidence about the corrupt and illegal practices of former collector and other senior officers. Despite, these evidences were brought unto the notice of concerned authorities, no high level inquiry committee has so far been constituted to investigate into the ongoing affairs of the Collectorate. Besides, no officer / official involved in corrupt practices has been taken to task.

On contrary, lawfully admissible reward cases of R&D officials have illegally been withheld because of personal enmity of the concerned officers for extraordinary efficiency displayed in the national interest.

Sources privy to Appraising Officer Dost Mohammad said that he has been going through proper channel and has completed his homework and would approach all legal forums to safeguard the national interest.

It was known that a petition against Collector Appraisement East before the high court is very much on the cards.