KARACHI: Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Inland Revenue-(I&I-IR) has made a major breakthrough in money laundering case as the data of 700 Pakistanis who have contacted Damac Properties LLC Dubai for sending their black money out of Pakistan have been traced.

Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Inland Revenue-(I&I-IR) found that of above mentioned 700 Pakistanis, many are mere “front-men” of big fishes.

It must be noted that the Damac’s exhibition was raided by the team headed by a Deputy Director of I&I-IR on 7-3-2015 at Marriot Hotel Karachi.

Sources said it is to be seen that whether any significant action against them will be taken or this case will be sent in cold storage due to pressure from powerful quarters over FBR for sending this case to cold storage.

Meanwhile, Haroon Tareen DG I&I-IR strictly advised the Directorate’s staff to take no pressure at all and pursue all cases with professional spirit.

It may be mentioned here that several big fish are exerting pressure on every relevant quarter to shelf many cases including the money laundering.

The campaign against money laundering and black money launched by Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) is in full swing.

Recently, I&I of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) cracked down laundering of black money in the garb of real estate investment abroad. A couple of exhibitions organized by UAE bases real estate developers were raided and records were taken into possession.

It may be mentioned here that FBR is making all efforts to streamline the affairs at various levels while Director General I&I (Customs) Lutfullah Virk and Director General I&I (Inland Revenue), Haroon Tareen have been tasked to eliminate money laundering and black money. Sources said that these two officers have been accorded complete authority to root out this menace from the country.

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