KARACHI: President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra has asked Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to take notice of the highhandedness of corrupt officers of Directorate General Intelligence & Investigation – Inland Revenue (DG I&I-IR) of Federal Board of Revenue who were constantly harassing the business and industrial community.

In a letter sent to Prime Minister, President KCCI requested Prime Minister to issue strict directives to FBR for curtailing the massive discretionary powers of DG I&I-IR officers which were being used to create more problems for the existing taxpayers.

He was of the view that instead of creating problems for loyal taxpayers, the FBR officers should act against tax evaders.

Underscoring the need to take immediate steps in order to give some relief to perturbed business and industrial community of Karachi, Iftikhar Vohra informed that dozens of businessmen and industrialists have been approaching the Karachi Chamber to seek assistance as they were constantly receiving notices from DG I&I-IR while their shops, offices, factories and business units were also being raided because of the extraordinary discretionary powers granted to them which have opened more avenues for the corrupt elements to take advantage of the situation.

President KCCI further noted that FBR recently empowered DG I&I-IR officers to obtain taxpayers records, enter and search premises and serve notice for information or evidence besides monitor proceedings of the audit.
by the officers of DG I&I IR while the tax evaders continue to enjoy all the benefits and keep themselves away from the tax net”, he added.

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