KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue has notified certain unified CPF rules to regulate the income and expenditure from the Common Pool Fund (CPF) generated under the provisions of various notifications issued from time to time. It is important to mention that the rules shall be applicable to the CPF of all Customs formation and FBR Headquarters.
Unified CPF rules of FBR includes that there should be a Central Common Pool Fund Board (CCPFB) consisting of Members, Chief Management, Chief and Secretary all belonging to Customs. CCPFB will act as overall governing body of the CPFs of all field formations and will grant approvals of proposals from the field of CPF board. All the activities of CPF will be monitor by CCPFB.
CPF rules also include that a CPF board in each Collectorate, Directorate and Organization should consists of Collector, Additional Collector, Deputy Collector, Nominee of Officers of BPS-16, Nominee of Official of BS7-10 and Nominee of Official of BS 1-4. CPF Board will ensure formulation of policies and taking all suitable measures for implementing such policies for further investment and generation of funds in an organized manner.
Rules also explicate that CPF Board should be prohibited to spend more than 80% of revenue and receipts in CPF. Whereas, the remaining 20% part of the annual income will be invested for further generation of funds for bringing refinement in CPF facilities.
Rules also elaborated that CPF board must transfer 20% of receipts and income to the CCPF within one month at the time of closure of financial year. CPF rules also indicated that FBR should not include the funds received in the CPF as disbursement of GD processing fee.
Unified CPF rules also suggested that CPF board should entertain its officers and staff with some fringe allowances including House Rent Subsidy, medical charges, Stipend for education, subsidy on marriage expenditure, burial expenses and CPF Mess.
House rent subsidy expenditure clarify that officers living in a rented house without availing government accommodation will be paid an amount of Rs.10,000 pm for BS-17 and BS-18, Rs.15,000 pm for BS -19 and BS-20 and Rs.20,000 for BS-21 and BS-22, respectively.
Medical expenditures of officials and their dependents would be reimbursed up to 50% with the capping of Rs.5,000 pm. Educational stipend of Rs.10,000 for one child will be allowed to the staff of Grade-IV with a condition that he/she secures 65% marks in Matric and admitted to college. The said stipend will continue till the time of graduation only if the child scores 65% marks every year.
An amount of Rs.20,000 will be allocated as a subsidy of marriage expenditure to the Grade-IV personnel for two daughters at most. Rules also suggested that Rs.40,000 would be allowed for burial expenses if any Grade-IV staff or his spouse dies during service. It is pertinent to mention that all the officers availing the facility of CPF Mess will pay monthly service charges as prescribed by the CCPFB from time to time.
Lastly, Unified rules of CPF make clear that CPF Board must authorize and sanction some expenditure after getting prior approval of Central CPF Board which includes personal loan, donation to an organization, renovations and repairs of offices / government residences, purchase and repairs of vehicles, office equipment, transportation and fuel charges for official work.
It also include legal fees, lab fees, contingency expenses not covered under budget grant, hiring of officials only for CPF related work, expenses that are needed to hold a function or any activity, financial assistance to retired staff of Grade-IV and any other project involving common welfare of staff.
Unified rules also expounded that Directorate General of Inspection and Internal Audit (Customs) will audit the Common Pool Fund Account of each formation by the end of financial year. Furthermore, copies of Audit report will be sent to the field formation and central CPF board.

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