KARACHI: The Export Intelligence Branch (EIB) is progressing with the investigations pertaining to the export of onions on fake Form-E and found that the clearing agent M/s Al-Kasib had cleared a number of export consignments on fake document in past.

Model Customs Collectorate of Exports has recently lodged an FIR against onion exporter for depriving the economy of valuable foreign exchange through submitting fake and forged Form-E.

Clearing Agent M/s Al-Kasib had provided information regarding export of big onions packed in plastic mesh bags through fabricated export documents certainly Form ‘E’.

Consequently, scrupulous scrutiny of documents pertaining to the Goods Declaration revealed that the exporter had deliberately furnished fake Form-E through computerized system of WeBOC.

Following the FIR, proprietors of M/s Al-Jazib Enterprises were arrested. They informed during investigations that they obtained the forged Form-E from a person named Abdul Rehman adding they obtained fake Form-E from the said person in past and the clearing agent M/s al-Kasib got the consignments cleared.

It was known that three containers of onion under GD No. 102722 were cleared by Wasiq Hussain, owner/partner of M/s Al-Kasib on fake documents on March 21, 2015.

Later, GD No.105406 comprising two containers of onion March 28, 2015 was filed attached with a non-signed Form-E. When the Customs authorities opted for verification of the Form-E, the clearing agent appeared ratting out the exporters.

Sources said that the said clearing agent cleared 21 GDs on fake Form-E. Export Intelligence Branch (EIB) has started scrutinizing data to confirm the veracity of the information.