KARACHI: Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) has approached Chief Collector of Customs (Exports) to revise the export values of wetblue sheep and goat skins from existing 1.45 per sq.ft. to $1.15-25 per sq.ft.

PTA submitted that the prices of sheep and goat skins have reduced significantly all over the world and from some origins, have fallen up to 50 percent since last 6 months. Leather prices have been falling due to little demand in the world market, which will be reflected in export performance.

The relevant Committee of PTA has reviewed the prices of export of Wetblue Sheep & Goat skins for revision from existing $1.45 per Sq.Ft to $1.15-1.25 per Sq Ft.

PTA has proposed vigilant ontrol on the export of raw/pickled and wetblue raw hides & skins from Pakistan. It added in case of container having over and above 7-8 tons weight, export of such consignments should invariably be subjected to verification/certification by Pakistan Tanners Association before clearance.

This type of action will deter flight of precious & basic raw material from the country causing scarcity for domestic requirements as well as causing revenue loss to the national exchequer as after value addition the country could fetch more foreign exchange.

PTA has also proposed stuffing capacity in 20ft container (80,000- 100,00 kg) and maximum net weight of above item in 20ft container (7-8 ton) to prevent under-valuation of dutiable item.

Collector Exports, Javed Ghani has tasked Additional Collecctor Irfan Javed that export data for all destinations may be sought from PRAL and compared with import values thereof to verify the contention of values decline and arrive at final conclusion.