KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah has asked the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) to join hands with Sindh government in effectively dealing with various issues, particularly law & order in the city.

He also sought KCCI’s assistance on how to control law and order situation of the city so that Karachi could be brought at part with any of the developed cities across the world.

CM Sindh

Speaking as Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony of My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition on Friday, CM Sindh said that Karachi city has the potential to grow and they need to join hands to develop this city.

Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG), Siraj Kassam Teli, Vice Chairmen BMG Tahir Khaliq, Zubair Motiwala and Anjum Nisar, President KCCI, Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra, Senior Vice President KCCI, Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi, Vice President KCCI, Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan and KCCI Managing Committee members were present on the occasion.

Commenting on water shortages being faced by the city, Qaim Ali Shah pointed out that Sindh government has now prioritized and released funds for the K-4 project which has remained pending since long. He said that 50 percent of the funding for K-4 project has already been approved by Sindh government whereas the Federal government must also release its share for this mandatory project in order to save the city from further water shortages.

He said that although Sindh province produces 70 percent of gas but it hardly receive 30 percent of gas production which was inequitable under the Constitution of Pakistan which clearly states that the area of production had the first right on usage of gas. He sought business community’s support in advocating Sindh government’s demand for equitable distribution of gas.

Qaim Ali Shah also appreciated the role being played by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry towards promoting the positive image of Karachi through My Karachi Exhibition.

Chairman Businessmen Group and Former President KCCI, Siraj Kassam Teli, while highlighting the theme of My Karachi Exhibition, said that the name “My Karachi’ signifies that everyone who lives in this city takes ownership while the theme “Oasis of Harmony” depicts the city of multi-cultural, ethnic, language and sectarian people living together in peace and harmony.

Commenting on law and order situation of Karachi city, Siraj Teli said that it was not as bad as being portrayed by the western and local media as such incidents pertaining to law and order were also being reported from some of the developed cities around the world including London and New York etc.

He appreciated the efforts being made by Police and Rangers towards maintaining peace in Karachi. “Police has now started changing and this change was for good which has started taking place thanks to the dedicated efforts being made by Heads of Law Enforcing Agencies and Sindh government”, he added and expressed optimism over restoring Karachi city’s previous status of being a peaceful city.

He also acknowledged the support being extended by diplomats of various countries who supported KCCI’s My Karachi Oasis of Harmony, which has become a vibrant platform for Pakistani products and services. “Although the diplomats in Karachi are doing a fine job but we expect more”, he stressed.

BMG Chairman, while commenting on some of the pressing issues being faced by the business and industrial community of Karachi, requested the Chief Minister Sindh to give time for meeting a KCCI delegation so that they could thoroughly brief the Sindh government over various issues pertaining to infrastructure development, water, gas and electricity crisis.

Chairman Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, S. M. Muneer expressed deep concern over water shortages being faced by various industries in Karachi which was terribly hindering Pakistani exports. “We need water, gas and electricity in order to pull the country out of ongoing crisis”, he stressed.

He also appreciated the efforts being made by Sindh government in effectively controlling the law and order situation of Karachi under the supervision of Chief Minister Sindh which has resulted in improving the overall situation. S.M. Muneer paid glowing tribute to troops of the armed forces of Pakistan who were sacrificing their lives for the sake of peace and stability across Pakistan.

“Let us all work for the good of Pakistan and let us all work jointly for this country”, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chairman BMG and Former President KCCI, Zubair Motiwala expressed satisfaction over participation of various Consulates and multinationals from 19 countries who have established their stalls at the Diplomatic Pavilion of My Karachi Exhibition.

He further requested the foreign diplomats to share their experience of participating in My Karachi Exhibition with the business tycoons in their respective countries by compiling and sending a positive report about Pakistan, which offers excellent investment opportunities to foreign investors in various sectors of the economy particularly the infrastructure development and energy sectors.

Referring to various decisions taken by Sindh government in effectively dealing with water theft and supplying the same to the industry, Zubair Motiwala said that although Sindh government agreed to improve water supplies but the decisions taken have not been implemented yet. He requested Chief Minister Sindh to take up this matter in order to provide some relief to industries facing severe water shortages.

Earlier, President KCCI, while welcoming the guests at the inauguration ceremony, stated that My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition, which has become the biggest exhibition of the country, was regularly being staged with a view to promote the positive image of Pakistan and clarify many misconceptions about the overall security situation of Karachi.

He recalled that KCCI has been successfully staging My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition every year since 2004 when BMG Chairman Siraj Kassam Teli as President KCCI came up with a brilliant idea of organizing this exhibition to improve the image of Karachi which was widely being tarnished by the western media.

Highlighting some salient features of this year’s My Karachi Exhibition, Iftikhar Vohra informed that one of the unique features of this year’s exhibition is the Designers’ Lawn Fabric Pavilion and a Fashion Show which is being organized for the very first time in the history of My Karachi Exhibition. This fashion show will be focusing on highlighting work of some of the well-known designers of Pakistan whose finest designs have succeeded in achieving global recognition, he added.

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