KARACHI: The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation – FBR has expended the ambit of investigations in the ISAF reverse cargo pilferage case, and has initiated re-scanning of all ISAF reverse cargo containers at Port Qasim after it was noticed that the goods in the containers were misdecalred in certain cases.
The Directorate has also found that the ISAF reverse cargo containers were not only pilfered, these also were mis-declared as some of the containers, which had remained intact were found to contain other goods than those as declared.
An official said that this was a very alarming situation as they did not yet know what type of goods had been pilfered as the authenticity of the Goods Declarations had been compromised.
It may be mentioned here that US cargo is scanned through IC-3 scanner, which is a very advanced and fool proof system while ISAF cargo is being scanned at QICT scanner, which is not that high-tech. Sources said that these containers were intentionally being scanned at QICT so that the actual description of goods could not be identified.
Sources said the containers shipped to Germany where they were found to be filled with cement blocks and wooden pallets had also scanned and cleared. Therefore, in order to confirm that no such incident happened, I&I has started re-scanning of all containers at the port.
Moreover, DG I&I, Lutfullah Virk has also channelized their network in Afghanistan to acquire intelligence from that end.
Authorities have found evidence that a number of containers were emptied within Pakistan territory while further surprising facts are likely to surface soon.
Meanwhile, Malik Asad of M/s Port Connection, who is under arrest was presented before that court and a further remand upto April 13, 2015.
To recall, the Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR has lodged an FIR nominating M/s Saryal Cargo Channel & Customs Clearing Agency, Mohammad Asad Khan of M/s Port Connection for unauthorized and illegal pilferage/removal of bonded goods from consignments of ISAF meant for re-exportation from Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan to ISAF Germany via Port Qasim, Karachi.
It is established that M/s Ports Connection (Pvt) Ltd, Bonded Carrier, who issued carrier manifest in respect of the said consignments and also had undertaken full responsibility to transport cargo in safe and sound condition, with the active connivance of M/s Saryal Cargo Channel and Customs Clearing Agency and other associates in crime have removed/pilfered actual bonded goods and replaced the same with wooden pallets, concrete blocks and sands to cover up the offence.
Eight containers along with export documents and seals have been seized and notice has been served upon Atiq Niazi of M/s. Trade Link International.

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