KARACHI: The FBR during its meeting has approved the ‘Guidelines for Performance Allowance 2015’ after revoking the existing ‘Guidelines for Performance Allowance 2012’.

According to the guidelines, the process of selecting the candidates would be conducted by HRM Wing and after the approval of the competent authority, Admin Wing of FBR will issue notification regarding the selection of candidates after which the required formalities including declaration of assets and liabilities will be conducted as soon as the completion certificate from Admin Wing is received.

The guidelines further stated that the Performance allowance to be notified from the date of approval by the Chairman FBR. The Performance Allowance will also include different leaves such as Earned Leave, Medical Leave, Maternity etc. It is also noted that the Performance Allowance will not be entitled to those FBR employees who are on deputation in different government Organizations, it would be provided to those FBR employees who are posted on deputation in the departments of Inland Revenue Appellate Tribunals, Custom Appellate Tribunal and Revenue Division.

The guidelines also clarifies that the Performance Allowance would not be entertained by those employees who are on foreign trainings, it would be given to those incumbents who are doing local trainings such as Mid Career Management Course (MCMC). It is also important to mention that in case of negligence in performance of Officers during 15 days of training, the Performance Allowance of the Officers will be stop for 45 days.

The new guidelines of Performance allowance also depicts that the PA will be de-notified on grounds of forced leave, minor penalty, major penalty and unauthorized absences. It also suggests that because of late attendance without prior approval will entail penalty equal to the number of days of late attendance.

Furthermore, the new guidelines for 2015 also states that the employees who fail to file their annual declaration of Assets & Liabilities for the year will also be de-notified for Performance Allowance for a period of three months. Apart from this, on non-filing of the Income tax returns on due dates, employees will be de-notified for Performance allowance for a period of three months.

It is also stated that pursuant to the order of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, Performance Allowance will be entitled to the employees during the period of their suspension and also to the employees posted as OSD.

Yet on the other hand, these new guidelines also states that the Contract employees shall not in any way are eligible for getting performance allowance except those who are employed under “Assistant Package”. The performance Allowance will also be given to those incumbents of IRS and PCS who successfully completes specialized training programs.

Lastly, these guidelines clearly indicates that on basis of promotions and appointments, the employees will be entitled to draw Performance allowance but the Officers who fail to pass the Final Passing Out Exam will not receive any Performance allowance.