KARACHI: The Customs Appraisement South has decided to restrict entry into the respective collectorates to the clearing agents and their authorized agents only along with particulars of persons appearing to transact business relating to Customs.

These proposals are prepared on the directives of Chief Collector Appraisement South, Nasir Masroor.

In order to ensure that a consignment is cleared by the authorized persons, it has been decided that entry into the premises of the respective collectorates will be allowed only to the clearing agents or their authorized representatives having customs permit or smart cards issued by the association.

In case of self clearance, the importer would authorize any person to pursue his case in the Collectorate by issuing and uploading in WeBOC system the prescribed authorization along with Good Declarations (GD) containing name of the representative, CNIC and contact number at the time of filing of the goods declaration.

According to the proposed procedure, visitors to the officials for matters other than pursuing the Goods Declarations, would approach the reception desk, which will maintain a serially number register wherein visitors name, CNIC and cell number shall be recorded, and the same shall be submitted to D.C. (HQ) on daily basis.

The Customs officers would ensure that unauthorized persons do not appear to represent any Customs-house agent, importer, exporters, business house or firm to transact business.

The reviewing authorities are would enter the identity i.e. name of the representative and his work permit number or CNIC, as the same may be, in the system while finalizing any review or any other matter concerning Customs. In case of self clearance, only the authorized person for that specific GD shall be entertained, where importer has uploaded the authorization and no one else shall be entertained.

The Customs observed that while on examination or during assessment or post release verification (PRV), whenever any document is found fake/forged/tampered, the Clearing Agent/his authorized person shows his innocence on the pretext that he has submitted the documents whatever provided by the importer to him and he is not aware of any forgery or tampering therein.

It is planned that the Clearing Agent would seek either attestation of each document from importer stating on each document that it is genuine, or obtain undertaking from the importer that documents provided by him are genuine. The same shall be uploaded in WeBOC at the time of filing of the Goods Declaration. The same undertaking or attested documents would be submitted in any case where forgery, tampering or fakeness is found by the department.

In absence of such undertaking or attestation, it would be construed that Clearing Agent is in league and collusion with importer to evade duty and taxes, and legal action shall be taken against him as well along with the importer.

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