KARACHI: As the R&D of MCC Appraisement East is progressing at a record speed in the case of prohibited pharmaceutical chemical import; the black sheep in the Customs have initiated soft victimization of R&D staff.

The R&D East team comprising Principal Appraiser Shafiullah, Appraising Officer Azhar Abbas, Dost Mohammad, Abdul Razzak, Preventive Officer Malak Hashim, Adil Rasheed and sepoy Samar have been issued explanation memos for ‘late coming’. This may be ground-making for their transfer.

Sources said the R&D team was busy in its campaign against unscrupulous elements inflicting losses on the exchequer as well as importing banned goods in the country through mis-declaration, and there was point in issuing such an explanation memo except victimization.

Deputy collector Rana Abduk Waheed on the directives of Collector Appraisement East Manzoor Memon has issued the memos.

Sources said that it seems lodging of FIRs and arrest of importer Mohammad Ali Chandna was not the part of Manzoor Memon’s ‘strategy’. However, this only happened because of Chief Collector Nasir Masroor is supervising this operation as Chairman FBR Tariq Bajwa is taking personal interest in this high profile case.

R&D East team has taken a rigid stance and noted that they time and again apprised the senior officers of ongoing corruption but no action was taken while R&D East lodged FIR and arrested the accused.

R&D East officials are of the view that they were not coming late instead they were spending even more time in the execution of their duties and responsibilities, which resulted in record performance including the arrest of primary culprit.

They said that issuance of such explanation memos proved that some senior officers did not encourage honest work, which is proved by the fact that instead of being praised and rewarded they were being targeted of so called ‘disciplinary action’.

It seems that to some officers, personal interest is more important than the national interest.

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