KARACHI: A large-scale operation planned by government against corrupt officers of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been re-initiated. This operation including dismissal from service of officers had been postponed, due to the political circus staged by Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri early this fiscal year.

The proceedings against corrupt officers have been initiated and the task has been given to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), sources told Customnew.pk. It was also learnt that a large number of FBR officers of both PCS and IRS would face dismissal from service.

According to details, a detailed inquiry and investigation conducted by Federal investigation Agency (FIA) and two other sensitive agencies had categorized officers ranging from Grade-16 to Grade-21 of Pakistan Customs and Inland Revenue into three different categories.

The joint investigation report identified 70 officers including a Grade-21 officer of Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and other officers of Grade-16 to Grade-20 belonging to both IRS and Customs and categorized them as ‘Red’. Concrete evidences against them have been collected and it has been recommended in the report that they should be suspended and then terminated.

It was learnt that the investigation teams scrutinized theirs’ as well as their family members’ banks accounts, pattern of transactions and evaluated their assets. After details investigation, corruption on their part was established.

The list of corrupt officers contains names having strong political backings and the government is being pressurized to take out particular names off this list.

The report has also identified some 200 officers and categorized them as ‘Yellow’ and recommended that these are not eligible for sensitive and public dealing postings, however these can be kept in the department for other positions.

Similarly, a list is also prepared of well reputed and honest officers. Sources said that political forces were patronizing corrupt elements, which was a great injustice to honest and well reputed officers.

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