KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs valuation has revised the customs values of Photocopier machine/MFP/A3 vide valuation ruling No.720 / 2015.

According to details, numerous representations were received in the Directorate that subject item was being imported at under invoiced values causing loss of revenue to Government exchequer.

To revise the values keeping in view trends in the international market an exercise was initiated for redetermination of customs values for Photocopier machine / MFP / A3.

Photocopier machines of all origins will be assessed for duty and taxes at the following rates:

The customs values of Photocopier Machine 16-23 will be $20, Photocopier Machine 24-29 at $30, Photocopier Machine 30-36 at $40, Photocopier Machine 37-49 at $50, Photocopier Machine 50-60 at $60, Photocopier Machine 61-85 at $70, Photocopier Machine 86 and above at $80.



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