KARACHI: The Collector MCC Appraisement East, Manzoor Memon has redefined the assignments and responsibilities of Additional Collectors.

Additional collector-I, Khaleel Ibrahim yousafani would look after the affairs at Establishment Branch, R&D, Groups I/IV, MIS, Recovery, PRV Cell, FTA Cell, User ID and Facilitation section.

Additional Collector-II, Mohammad Tahir would take care of the affairs at Groups III/V/VII, Transit Trade & Transshipment, DTRE, MCD, Warehousing, Refund, Classification Committee and Law.

Additional Collector-III, Jameel Ahmed Baloch would look after affairs at Examination and Auction at all wharves/off-dock terminals and inter-port movement.

Additional Collector-IV, Shahab Imam would look after affairs at Group II/VI/VIII, One Customs, FTO, Adjudication, Securities and Audit.