KARACHI: The Pakistan’s automated system for Customs, WeBOC may not achieve its development and up gradation targets as the entire WeBOC team has resigned from PRAL in the last 10 months.

The web-based one Customs clearing system (WeBOC) had replaced the earlier system Pakistan Customs Clearing Syatem (PaCCS) and had been successfully implemented throughout the country, however its development and reforms look unseeingly in the near future as the entire WeBOC team has resigned from PRAL because of the severely uncomfortable working environment at PRAL.

Those who resigned in the last 10 months include Director PRAL Humayun Zafar and WeBOC development team comprising Mohammad Shoib Khan, Bilal Pasha, Khuzain Niazi, Akbar ali Khan, Afreen Gazal, Kaleemullah Khan, Mohammad Talha Ghori, Ali Zaib, Sana Fatima and Waqas Paracha.

It was known that the policies of Member IT Rana Ahmed had adversely affected the working environment of PRAL. As soon as she assumed the office last year many officials were fired, Gratuity was ended, salaries were not revised and due increments were denied to the officials.

Rana Ahmed has been under criticism and she reportedly did not have good reputation back at Punjab Revenue Board. Now, Rana being Member IT at FBR has taken its toll at PRAL and reforms in WeBOC modules are not likely going forward.


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