KARACHI: MCC Port Mohammad Bin Qasim has redefined the procedure for clearance of de-consolidated import cargo (LCL) at the clearance ports.

According to the procedure proposed in the 2nd Draft of Import Manual prepared by MCC Port Qasim, on arrival of the LCL cargo meant for clearance at port of destination, the concerned shipping line shall file the IGM mentioning the respective off-dock terminal or shed with the Customs; import cargo (LCL) shall be moved to the respective off-dock terminal/shed at ports as declared in the IGM by the shipping line.

The de-stuffing of the LCL cargo is to be done at the respective off-dock terminal/ shed at the earmarked space in presence of representative of shipping line and custodians; after de-consolidation of LCL cargo, the custodian at the port of destination (off-dock terminal and shed) shall prepare a tally list showing details of the import consignments. In case of damaged/deteriorated cargo a report will be sent to the concerned Assistant/ Deputy Collector.

The de-stuffing of the LCL cargo is to be done by representative of shipping line and Custodian at earmarked places. The packages of the consignment shall be segregated according to the marks and numbers and details available on the Bill of Lading / Airway Bill. The duly signed tally list prepared by the Custodian shall also be handed over to the Preventive Officer for record.

After completion of Customs formalities for transshipment of LCL cargo. The importer through Bonded Carrier shall approach the Custodian for taking over the LCL cargo for transshipment. The Bonded Carrier shall use authorized empty container/ box registered with the Customs and shall ensure that only LCL cargo meant for one destination dry-port is loaded in that container only.

The Bonded Carrier shall ensure that after loading of LCL cargo for same destination through different off-dock terminal are moved only after completion of sealing and de-sealing procedure as provided in Customs General Order.

The Bonded Carrier at the time of final embarkation of LCL Cargo to the destined dry port shall ensure that sealing procedure has been completed in accordance with the law and procedure.

The stuffing of the LCL cargo will be carried out in presence of Examining Officer and it shall be ensured that only one destination dry-port cargo is loaded in the authorized container only.

On arrival of transshipped LCL cargo at destination dry port de-sealing procedure shall be followed as per procedure provided in Customs General order. De-stuffing of LCL cargo at destination dry port shall be carried out in presence of representative of Bonded Carrier and Custodian (dry-ports). In case of cargo being damaged/ deteriorated a report thereof shall be send to respective Assistant/Deputy Collector. LCL cargo shall be kept by the Custodian index wise as per IGM and as detailed in Bill of Lading and Marks and numbers.

De-sealing shall be updated in the system at the time of arrival of transshipped LCL cargo. A re-conciliation of the same shall be carried out on regular basis and report shall be submitted by the Appraising Officer to his supervisory officer in prescribed format without fail.