KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs valuation has invited trade bodies to a meeting scheduled on February 17, 2015 to determine fair customs values of replacement Auto Parts non-genuine under respective harmonized Codes.

Following trade bodes, association and chambers of commerce and their respective members: FPCCI standing committee on valuation, Lahore chambers of commerce and industry, Customs valuations committee, KCCI, M/s. Agriauto Industries Ltd., M/s. Indus Motor Company Ltd. M/s. Honda Atlas Car Pakistan Ltd. M/s. Union Auto Corp., M/s. General Motor Co. , M/s. Punjab Autos, M/s. Immi Int’l, M/s. Brothers Autos, M/s. Kitmeer Autos, M/s., Ultima Automotive Parts Co. M/s. M.Y. Iqbal & Co., M/s. Imran Motors, M/s. Pakistan Auto Spare Parts Importers and Dealers Association, Lahore & Karachi, M/s. Pak Suzuki Motor Co Ltd., M/s. Universal Auto Engineering, M/s. Iftikhar Auto Store, M/s. Amir Asim & Co., M/s. Mehmood Bros., M/s. Hafeez Enterprises, M/s. Shahzada & Co., M/s. I.T. Associates, M/s. Alam Motors, M/s. B.M. Enterprises, M/s. Danial Enterprises., M/s. Pak Asia Impex, M/s. Ali Traders, M/s. AYT Trading, M/s. Asif Enterprises, M/s. Azhar Corporation, M/s. Suhaib Traders, M/s. Zaid International, M/s. Tayyab Motors Pvt Ltd., M/s. Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts Association Manufacturers (PAAPAM), M/s. Bilalco, M/s. N.A. Enterprises, M/s. Sunny Int’l Co., M/s. Waqas Traders, M/s. Trading House, M/s. Khurshid Ahmed, M/s. Salman Traders, M/s. Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer Association and M/s. Bismillah Agencies.