KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs valuation has revised the customs values of Energy Drinks vide valuation ruling No.713 / 2015.

According to details, numerous representations received in the Directorate to revise the values keeping in view decreasing trends in the International Market and as per order of the Customs Appellate Tribunal.

After review proceedings, an order was issued with the direction to revise current valuation ruling, an exercise was initiated for redetermination of customs values for energy drinks.

Energy Drinks under PCT 2202.1010 would now be assessed for duty and taxes at the following per liter rates:

The customs values of Epic of Austria origin will be $1.25, Power Horse of Austria at $1.25, Red Bull (Silver & Blue Cans of Austria at $1.35, Red Bull (Golden Can) of Thailand at $0.70, Carabao of Thailand at $0.70, Rock Star of United Kingdom at $1.25, Explosions of United Kingdom at $1.45, Im Bru of United Kingdom at $0.85, Boost of United Kingdom at $0.85, Lucozade of United Kingdom at $1.00, Mad Croc of Netherland at $0.80, Carrefour of Netherland at $1.20, Speed of Netherland at $1.45, She-Beauty of Poland at $1.10, Backer of Korea at $0.55, Effect of Germany at $2.40, Others of all US$1.25/Litre.