KARACHI: Director General Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) has taken a strict notice that an official, who was put on duty-off as disciplinary proceedings, appeared at a press conference claiming to be the in-charge of anti-smuggling organization (ASO).

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) recently held a press conference a couple of days’ back, to apprise the media about the ongoing campaign against the smuggling.

Additional Director Nadeem Ahsan and several other senior officers did not attend the conference because of the presence of an ill-reputed official facing disciplinary proceedings.

Senior Intelligence Official Haji Aslam was put on duty off in mid January because of his alleged relations with the smugglers. However, Haji Aslam appeared at the press conference and claimed to be the In-charge of Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Customs. Press releases were issued to the press/media naming Haji Aslam as head of ASO despite the fact that he was barred from performing his duty as the intelligence official.


DG I&I Lutfullah virk has taken strict notice of his appearance at the recent press conference. It is alleged that Haji Aslam has connections with the smugglers and patronize this illegal trade against his commission.

Official said that the entire chain had been corrupted and untill and unless entire chain was removed, smuggling particularly through Afghan Transit Trade could not be curbed.

It is also alleged that very senior Customs officers were on his payroll. There are rumors that Haji Aslam collects over Rs100 million from the smugglers every month, the amount is then distributed to several quarters.

It is also alleged that Directorate of Customs Intelligence usually bought the credit from Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) to prove their utility. It was learnt that PMSA apprehended the launches and smuggled booty, but Directorate of Customs Intelligence or sometime Customs Preventive paid significant amount to the PMSA to buy the credit for their names.

Sources said that Haji Aslam was running a big ring and it was quite essential for him to send a message to his ‘clients’ that he still was in the helm of affairs to avoid difficulty in his personal revenue recovery.

The Directorate General is not happy with the Directorate and an explanation has reportedly been called from the Directorate to clarify why a duty-off official remained active at press conference jointly addressed by Customs and PMSA.


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