KARACHI: The Customs Adjudication has imposed a penalty of Rs50,000 on a Bangladeshi national for making an attempt to smuggle contraband gold out of Pakistan. The gold slabs and other articles in his possession have also been seized.

According to the details, Fazlu Sardar S/o Ershad Ali, a Bangladesh National was traveling to Dhaka by PIA flight from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

On suspicion, the baggage of the passenger was examined but nothing objectionable was found. Subsequent to baggage examination, it a personal search of the passenger was conducted, which led to the recovery of Gold Slab weighing 10 tolas and a Chain (Silver Painted) initially identified as of Gold found to be 180 grams. The goods were seized along with container thereof and travelling documents of the passenger.

Fazlu Sardar S/o Ershad Ali was arrested. The seized gold slab and chain have been assessed to be worth Rs1.29 million.

It was also known that the accused was a frequent traveler between Karachi and Dhaka as he made 33 visits to Karachi during the year 2013-2014. It was strongly believed that he had been making such attempts of smuggling of Gold in shape of bullions in the grab and guise of Import and Export of Garments / Gift items as accompanied baggage but such attempt of smuggling of Gold from Karachi to Dhaka was timely foiled by the Customs Staff.

The Customs Adjudication imposed a penalty of Rs50,000 along with confiscation of goods while the accused has been warned to be careful in future.