KARACHI: Unidentified armed men shot two Customs officers on Friday night, of which one Senior Preventive Officer (SPO) Salahuddin succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, while SPO Mehmood is being treated at a private hospital.

According to details Salahuddin and Mehmood are posted at Airport arrival; on Friday they returned to their homes where they were shot. Both officers live in the same locality in Gulshan Town. It is suspected that the assailants were following them from the airport and had the chance to open fire outside their houses.

On receiving this information, Chief Collector Nasir Masroor, Collector Preventive Tariq Huda and Additional Collector Junejo, Additional Collector Tahir Qureshi, Assistant collectors Wasif Malik, Raza Naqvi and Custom House Mohammad Irfan and others rushed to the hospital, Customs officials also donated blood to save the lives of injured SPOs.

Customs officials said this was not the case of political or religious target killing. Preventive Collectorate is also analyzing the situation to ascertain whether this sad incident was the outcome of their strict stance against smuggling, and revenue loss.

As part of investigations, Tariq huda has advised Wasif malik to provide the details of cases established in the last month.

Meanwhile, Customs authorities have urged the law enforcement agencies to bring the culprits to task as early as possible to restore the confidence of people on Police and Rangers who have earned quite a bad name in recent years because of their involvement and patronizing corruption and criminals activities.

According to media reports, law enforcement agencies including Rangers have miserable failed in protecting the lives and properties of the people in Karachi. It has become a perception that law enforcement agencies are themselves involved in making money through illegal means.

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