KARACHI: The MCC Port Qasim has prepared contravention reports in seven different cases where importers opted to hoodwink the Customs and import used coaster vans through mis-declaration, tempering with the model year and importability.

MCC Port Qasim CIU Assistant Collector Falik Sher had this information that some unscrupulous persons intended to clear the used Toyota Coaster Van of the model not importable under the law. In order to confirm the veracity of the information, the abovementioned vehicles imported were put on hold and examined. The actual model year confirmed from various sources were found to be much older than the declared.

The importer in collusion with their associates tried to defraud the Government and tempered the manufacturing year of the vehicle, which are not importable under the gift, personal baggage or transfer of residence schemes being older than 5 years.

Collector Port Qasim, Sarayya Butt, appreciated the work of Assistant Collector Falik Sher Additional Collector Saeed Akram for their work and formed a team comprising Assistant Collector Hina Gul, Principal Appraiser Safdar Abbas and Appraising officer Shahid Murad to scrutinize the import data of vehicles.

Meanwhile, Hina Gul acting on information blocked six consignments comprising of coaster vans in containers, which were being transshipped to Lahore.

The importers, taking cue from the proceedings and contraventions against seven consignments, had filed TP to Lahore in an attempt to escape the authorities.

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